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We are a manufacturer factory that integrates the production and design of molds and the production and design of fully automated machines for medical device products.Our factory has been established for more than 20 years, and we are a high-tech enterprise in China with a number of patented designs.

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  • 1Company advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the detection means complete, sound quality management system.
  • 2The company based on scientific and technological innovation, urged the upgrading of industries, in recent years the main hot runner mold design, mold production, one-time use of self-destruct safety syringes, one-time use of precision filtration infusion, light guide vaginal dilator, laboratory pipette Products, vitrification freezing rods, automatic equipment customization and other services
  • 3The company's own production of disposable medical use of plastic products sell well in the domestic market and exported to Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other countries and regions, Domestic and foreign customers favor and praise, is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, operating as one of the modern innovative enterprises.


  • Preform Injection Machine

    It adapt the fast & reliable linear motion, equiped with servo control energy saving system, with ou···
  • ETO Sterilizer Machine

    Excellent EO concentration and temperature uniformity (+/1ºC) Use of 100% EO (+N2) as well as 90/10 ···
  • Injection Molding Machinery

    The core components, for example, mechanical body, controllable system, servo motor, drive and big l···
  • Syringe Assembly Machine

    It is a kind of medical equipment, which is specially designed for Medical Equipment Industry. And t···
  • Syringe Packing Machine

    It can be implemented that adjust and use of more specifications at the specific confine on the same···
  • Medical Mask Machine

    Mask Making Machine The equipment can realize the automatic production process of the roll feeding, ···


Zhejiang Nuojie Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

We take the "good faith" as the first principle of service for you, and Assist you to do a good job of all kinds of related work in the medical equipment market, All this is to help you get "successful."